Paving the way for you to set the trend. Degoat is a lifestyle brand based in the U.K. that delivers custom looks that evoke confidence.
We believe in crafting designs that encompass your creativity and unique personality. Drawing inspiration from who you can be, our namesake is in recognition of the goats of the world. Those willing to start a movement and overcome limitations.
All of our designs are crafted by our skilled and diverse team in London. We place great emphasis on detail and meticulously vet each representative to identify those willing to break boundaries. Each release is available in limited numbers to maintain the notoriety that comes with our unique designs and concepts. We are steadfast in making sure your outfit is the talk of the room. Our looks are meant to last past today and define the evolving styles of tomorrow.
This is indicative of the premium materials used in the manufacturing process using custom mills. We take no shortcuts when it comes to quality. Show off your lifestyle and define the trend before it hits streets.